Toner Recycling

As a Commonwealth Technology customer you probably do a lot of printing, faxing and copying. You also probably go through several toner cartridges a year. You’re not the only one… My Office estimates that Americans throw away toner and ink 500 times each minute. All that ink and toner has turned into an environmental problem. Toner cartridges that still contain ink are considered chemical waste and must be disposed of properly to avoid contaminating the soil and water near your landfill. Throwing chemical waste into the trash not only hurts the environment, but can subject you to fines and penalties depending on your state’s regulations.

Commonwealth Technology is proud to have partnered with The Recycling!

The Recycling Site offers FREE toner and printer cartridge recycling – by simply filling out your basic information, The Recycling Site will send you free UPS return labels so you can quickly recycle your toner and preserve our precious environment.

By filling out the form below (or here) you will be directed to and asked for your information. Tell them how many toner bottles you are sending back and how many labels you need. They will send them to you and let you quickly recycle the toner, preserve our environment, and avoid those fines and penalties.