Document Management

All companies have processes, sometimes quite complex ones, and paper documents are likely a large part of these processes. In our digital world today, we are capable of quickly communicating and retrieving emails and electronic documents but very often we are left with a time-consuming search to find the paper we are looking for. The need for paper won’t be going away anytime soon – forms and signed documents are required in virtually every office.

Document Management solutions help you with the conversion of paper into searchable and retrievable electronic files. Commonwealth Technology has chosen Square 9 Softworks and their SmartSearch™ products as the best solution for document management, including sophisticated workflows to take your processes to the next level. Increase efficiencies by streamlining repetitive processes including document routing, exception reports, notifications and approvals. Our solutions interface with many existing software packages to enhance the functionality that you already enjoy with your current CRM and ERP systems.

Organizations of all sizes with document-intensive processes utilize SmartSearch to manage documents electronically to streamline their workflows as they eliminate inefficient paper based filing systems. SmartSearch offers highly intuitive document management and electronic content imaging solutions to automate inefficient paper-intensive business process. SmartSearch is ideal for paper-intensive businesses such as law offices, physician practices, accounting firms, trucking companies, and mortgage and title companies that are looking for a cost-effective way to eliminate their paper-based filing systems.

The Answers to Your Evolving Business Climate

Today’s challenging business atmosphere demands that organizations work with a new level of efficiency. To compete in this environment companies need tools that will allow them to capture business content, extract high value data, and automate repetitive processes.

It’s no longer enough to store and retrieve data for future reference; instead businesses need a strategy for making information work actively on their behalf. SmartSearch offers highly intuitive, award-winning document management that can be easily adapted to automate any paper-intensive business process. No matter what size your company, or in what field you work, SmartSearch offers value driven solutions that are easy to use, learn and support.

Building the Bridge between People, Paper and Processes

Allowing your team to work more efficiently means transcending the culture of paper driven processes. SmartSearch delivers tools for digital automation without disrupting organizational flow. With its highly intuitive interface SmartSearch can be easily adopted throughout the enterprise with minimal training and expense.

All documents are securely deposited in archives you designate. You dictate permissions guaranteeing compliance while ensuring that documents are available 24/7. With SmartSearch you determine who in your organization will have immediate access to your files and what can be done with them.

Reduce paper consumption by storing all of your documents in a central content repository. SmartSearch’s broad adaptability allows you store both scanned and electronic documents including PDF, JPG, TIF, Word, Excel, Outlook files and many more.

SmartSearch drives efficiency by streamlining repetitive business processes including document routing, notification and approval. Time spent searching for documents is drastically minimized resulting in increased productivity and reduced spending.

No matter the size your company, or in what field you work, SmartSearch offers document management solutions that are easy to use, learn and support. With its highly intuitive interface SmartSearch can be easily adopted throughout the enterprise with minimal training and expense. Built on the .NET Platform using an open architecture design, SmartSearch is a scalable solution that is easy to support. Watch the SmartSearch 10-minute demo below.

How We Do It

Commonwealth Technology’s 100+ committed employees serve our customers from our corporate office in Lexington and three other satellite locations in Kentucky and Indiana. Commonwealth Technology is built on a foundation of integrity, respect, pride and accountability. We uphold these qualities to both our customers and employees. This has helped propel us to a position of strength within the industry because it:

Ensures that customers are getting the very best service possible

Keeps our employee turn-over to a minimum

Makes for a productive work environment companywide