Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

The last line of defense.

When disaster strikes your business, you’ll only have a small window of time to react. What you do during this time is critical. Your actions will determine if your business ever gets back to full operational capacity. Planning ahead by establishing a disaster recovery plan will ensure that you’ll regain all of your data with minimized downtime.

We offer Intelligent Business Continuity

  • Cloud-based backups, stored in secure data centers
  • Constant testing of your backups for integrity and restoration success
  • Full restoration of data to your on-site devices with minimal downtime
  • Automated
  • Image-based
  • Virtualization Capabilities
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Ransomware detection & prevention

Of SMBs have experienced a cyber attack


Of breaches involved internal actors


Survival rate for SMBs without a Disaster Recovery Plan

Proven Disaster Recovery Benefits

Naturally, having a disaster recovery plan in place is highly beneficial for your business. You should know that there are several more benefits that come with being prepared for the worst.

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