Compliance – HIPAA, SOX, PCI


  • Is a process that involves people, policies, procedures, and tools
  • Takes too much time and money for a small business to do it properly
  • Is always changing as patient behavior, technology, and access to data changes
  • Is tightly interwoven with Cyber Security and requires experts

Commonwealth Technology is the official HIPAA Compliance and IT Services Partner for the Kentucky Dental Association

A compliance mistake or data breach can cost an organization:

  1. A lot of money – Compliance penalties, legal fees, settlements, data forensic services, costs to notify clients, credit monitoring services and more!
  2. A lot of time – away from your business dealing with all of the above
  3. Damaged Reputation – current clients leave and new clients won’t come

According to a 2017 study sponsored by IBM Security and conducted by Ponemon Institute, data breaches cost U.S. healthcare companies an average of $380 per compromised record.


  • Is provided by a team of HIPAA Consultants, IT Engineers and Cybersecurity experts
  • Call any of us at any time 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday! After hours support also available
  • Is easy to use and only takes a few hours of your time
  • Can be accessed securely from any internet connected device
  • We perform your Security Risk Analysis
  • We Train your Employees
  • We Write your Policies and Procedures
  • We help get your Business Associate Agreements up to date
  • We provide tools to make tracking your compliance progress easy
  • We provide $100,000 in financial protection

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How We Do It

Commonwealth Technology’s 100+ committed employees serve our customers from our corporate office in Lexington and three other satellite locations in Kentucky and Indiana. Commonwealth Technology is built on a foundation of integrity, respect, pride and accountability. We uphold these qualities to both our customers and employees. This has helped propel us to a position of strength within the industry because it:

Ensures that customers are getting the very best service possible

Keeps our employee turn-over to a minimum

Makes for a productive work environment companywide